डैनी भय्या, Our Special American Visitor!

8 06 2009

Today the orphanage received a VERY special guest, Daniel Solomon, an anthropology doctoral student from the United States. He came and spent some time with the kids, speaking to them in Hindi and English. Danny explained (using a globe) where he came from, and engaged the students in discussions about the kinds of sports and games people play in the United States, making good use of a whiteboard. The children had questions for Danny about his family, his work in India, and what he was studying. When Danny left, the kids kept asking him to return tomorrow: “डैनी भय्या कल आयेंगे, ना?”! We are VERY hopeful he’ll be back soon!

Here’s a short video clip of Danny showing where he lives and his family lives, and then a small gallery of photos for the visit.