Getting Started!

30 05 2009

Yesterday we got started…! The children first finished prayers in their white dhotis, singing along with the prayer (set to music) playing on the stereo. The prayers, in Sanskrit, have been memorized by most of the children; only one child was actually reading the text. Once the prayers finished, and the “study gong” had rung, the kids raced upstairs to get their notebooks and pencils at my request.

Once they returned, we began with basic introductions in English. The children were asked to first introduce themselves with basic information, starting with their names, and how old they were. They then went on to tell me what classes they were in, and what their hometown was. Once they produced these sentences orally, they wrote them down in their notebooks. Their assignment for last night was to draw a picture of themselves. I plan to scan these pictures in and potentially use them as their “avatars.” We’re waiting on clearance to buy the desktop computers, shelves, tables and chairs. After last night, I am also going to go armed with some mosquito coils!