Heads shaved for the summer!

30 05 2009

When I walked into the orphanage today, I saw the kids huddled around, and someone taking a picture of them. At first I didn’t realize what was different: then it hit me, they’d ALL shaved their heads! They all looked absolutely adorable! 🙂

After we took some photos, the kids went upstairs, changed, and got their pens, pencils, and notebooks. I’d asked them to draw a self-portrait, and they all walked in with these incredible drawings, I was quite amazed! Today they did a self-introduction in Hindi, which ended up being more elaborate than the English ones, as they have a much vaster vocabulary in Hindi, and are definitely more confident in it. I am also a little overwhelmed with the sheer number of kids: all 26 boys, several in their teens. With my mother assisting, it’s a little better but we could use some help!