I want to be…

15 07 2009

The kids helped prepare a video-blog about what they want to be when they grow up! We’ve got some Hindi micro-blogs ready to go, but we’re facing technical difficulties, and soon as theyre resolved, we’ll have some Hindi posts up!


The Blogging Begins!

13 07 2009

After a frustratingly long wait, we were finally able to begin micro-blogging (it’s currently a cut and paste job, but we’ll do live blogging soon!). Though we’ve had tons of fun doing videos (a brand new one coming SOON, with the kids helping to make a stellar “vlog” entry), but now we’ve finally got our micro-blogging site up and running!

Here’s our site, visit us!


A New Visitor from New York!

9 07 2009

We had a new visitor from New York today: my sister, Urmi. She came and spent some time teaching the kids English and giving them some practice in conversational English. We selected a short clip from the visit:

About my village…

9 07 2009

The kids video recorded each other describing the villages they come from. The kids come from villages in North, South, and East India. The kids first wrote up the answers in English and Hindi, then spoke into the camera.

Taking Pictures!

7 07 2009

The kids had “photo day” during which the kids got to take pictures of anything “nice” they wanted to capture about their home. Here’s a few…

Changing the World? Take 1

29 06 2009

अगर मैं दुनिया में एक चीज़ सुधर पाता तो…The kids offer up some suggestions (in Hindi) of what they would change if they could change ONE thing in the world.

Introductions Part II!

24 06 2009

Well, we’ve had massive technical difficulties in the past few days; the computers hadn’t arrived (still haven’t), and we’re making do with the older computers, only one of which turns out to be hooked up to the internet (and it has been down!). So I saved some of the boys’ write ups on a flash drive, and here’s a glimpse. The boys are introducing themselves with some of their favorite things (and some things they dislike!). These are the raw first drafts of how they will introduce themselves on their own posts, once we get things settled:

My name is Biplab.
I am 12 years old.
I live in Noida.
I study in a Public school.
My favorite color is red.
My favorite god   is all gods.
My favorite game is football.
My favorite food is Maggie.
My favorite fruit is mango.
My favorite subject is English.
My favorite story is Birbal’s khichri.
My favorite hobby is dancing.
My favorite film star is   Hrithik.
My favorite  drink  is  milk
My favorite  flower is lily
I  don’t like  cursing
I  don’t  like washing  clothes
I  don’t like  picking up  garbage
I  don’t  like  brinjal
I  don’t  like tomato chatni
I  don’t  like  singing
I  don’t  like   pig
I  don’t  like  noida
I   don’t  like  roohafza
My favorite [hobby] is  reading
My favorite friend  is  jayanto
My  favorite animal is  tiger
My favorite vegetable

My  name is  Rohit.hassan.
I am 11 years old.
I live in Noida.
I study in 7 class.
My favorite colour is red .
My favorite  god is VIVEKANANDA.
My favorite game is football.
My favorite food is dosa.
My favorite fruit is apple.
My favorite subject is ENGLISH.
My favorite story is BIRBAL’s KHICHRI.
My favorite  HOBBY is SWIMMING.
My favorite filmstar is GANESH.
My  favorite film is DON.no.1.
My favorite  DRINK is MILK.
My favorite  flower is ROSE
I don’t like cursing
I don’t like crying
I don’t like  ROOAFZA
I don’t like  Picking up the garbage
I don’t  like dal

My  name  is  vishal
I  am  11  years  old
I  live  in  Noida

I  study  in  six  class
I  study  R.K.P.H   public  school
My  favorite  colour  in  red
My  favorite  god  is  hanuman
My  favorite  game  is  football
My  favorite  food  is  Maggie
My  favorite  fruit  apple
My  favorite  subject  is  english
My  favorite  story  is  birbal’s   khichuri
My  favorite  hobby  is  dancing
My  favorite  film  star  is  hrithik
My  favorite  movies  is  sing  is  king
My  favorite  drink  is  sprite
My  favorite  flower  is  jasmine
I  don’t  like  picking  up  garbage
I  don’t  like  sweeming
I  don’t  like  cursing
I   don’t  like  brinjal
I   don’t  like  tomato
I   don’t  like   washing  clothes
I   don’t   like  rice
I    don’t  like  sweets
I     don’t  like  sweeper road.