A Tiny Visitor from New York!

24 07 2009

My tiny 5-year-old niece, Ms. Bela Battu, visiting from New York, came with me to the orphanage yesterday. She and the kids conversed a little. The kids at the orphanage were stunned that she could speak Hindi, Bengali, and English with them, given that she’s “from America.” We worked on farm animals from a FUN book, and the new (related) blog posts are up here: http://vishwashaanti2009.wordpress.com/

Ms. Bela Battu (in pink) visits

Ms. Bela Battu (in pink) visits


New posts!

16 07 2009

The kids did some more micro-blogging today! Check us out here:


I want to be…

15 07 2009

The kids helped prepare a video-blog about what they want to be when they grow up! We’ve got some Hindi micro-blogs ready to go, but we’re facing technical difficulties, and soon as theyre resolved, we’ll have some Hindi posts up!

The Blogging Begins!

13 07 2009

After a frustratingly long wait, we were finally able to begin micro-blogging (it’s currently a cut and paste job, but we’ll do live blogging soon!). Though we’ve had tons of fun doing videos (a brand new one coming SOON, with the kids helping to make a stellar “vlog” entry), but now we’ve finally got our micro-blogging site up and running!

Here’s our site, visit us!


A New Visitor from New York!

9 07 2009

We had a new visitor from New York today: my sister, Urmi. She came and spent some time teaching the kids English and giving them some practice in conversational English. We selected a short clip from the visit:

About my village…

9 07 2009

The kids video recorded each other describing the villages they come from. The kids come from villages in North, South, and East India. The kids first wrote up the answers in English and Hindi, then spoke into the camera.

Taking Pictures!

7 07 2009

The kids had “photo day” during which the kids got to take pictures of anything “nice” they wanted to capture about their home. Here’s a few…