The Waiting Game

13 06 2009

Well, no project goes as smoothly as we intend it to! The chairs and tables haven’t yet arrived, so the kids and I are still making do with studying on the floor…the furniture guy has been promising for DAYS that it’s going to arrive, but no luck. We ordered the computers, and they’re allegedly going to arrive Thursday. The problem is, we need the tables to place the computers on! We’re really hoping to have everything set up by the end of this week…

Apart from the logistical issues, things have been going rather slowly: the orphanage has fewer kids these days-some of the kids have gone to their villages for a short break. The remaining kids and I have been working on English lessons around school vocabulary. They’ve been doing worksheets, dictation, and making sentences out of the given vocabulary. I have also taken to speaking in the TL (target language, English) more and more. The boys were a little confused initially, but they’re beginning to enjoy it. Their comprehension is really good; but when it comes to having to produce any English, they’re not very confident.

Today we also had a lovely lady who visited the orphanage for the first time. She doesn’t live too far away and came with some delicious food and drinks for the kids. She was very tender with the kids, and they immediately took to her, quickly getting over their initial shyness. Pics below! Come show us some comment love!

I found a froggie!

I found a froggie!

The kids huddle to do an ESL worksheet

The kids huddle to do an ESL worksheet

Check out this book!

Check out this book!

The kind lady came bearing goodies!

The kind lady came bearing goodies!




One response

12 07 2009

Hi, What you are doing is very admirable. The kids seem to be really excited with the books.(I did read that finally, all the furniture arrived! )

I wish you project all the success.

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