Heads shaved for the summer!

30 05 2009

When I walked into the orphanage today, I saw the kids huddled around, and someone taking a picture of them. At first I didn’t realize what was different: then it hit me, they’d ALL shaved their heads! They all looked absolutely adorable! 🙂

After we took some photos, the kids went upstairs, changed, and got their pens, pencils, and notebooks. I’d asked them to draw a self-portrait, and they all walked in with these incredible drawings, I was quite amazed! Today they did a self-introduction in Hindi, which ended up being more elaborate than the English ones, as they have a much vaster vocabulary in Hindi, and are definitely more confident in it. I am also a little overwhelmed with the sheer number of kids: all 26 boys, several in their teens. With my mother assisting, it’s a little better but we could use some help!


Getting Started!

30 05 2009

Yesterday we got started…! The children first finished prayers in their white dhotis, singing along with the prayer (set to music) playing on the stereo. The prayers, in Sanskrit, have been memorized by most of the children; only one child was actually reading the text. Once the prayers finished, and the “study gong” had rung, the kids raced upstairs to get their notebooks and pencils at my request.

Once they returned, we began with basic introductions in English. The children were asked to first introduce themselves with basic information, starting with their names, and how old they were. They then went on to tell me what classes they were in, and what their hometown was. Once they produced these sentences orally, they wrote them down in their notebooks. Their assignment for last night was to draw a picture of themselves. I plan to scan these pictures in and potentially use them as their “avatars.” We’re waiting on clearance to buy the desktop computers, shelves, tables and chairs. After last night, I am also going to go armed with some mosquito coils!

Newing the Old

28 05 2009

So I went and met the kids today, after a semester-long hiatus. The orphanage has acquired 9 more kids since I returned to Berkeley, mostly during the “adoption ceremony” they have at the end of January. The kids filed in a little disoriented with sleep as they came to meet me…and the orphanage veterans immediately recognized me, yelling out “दीदी दीदी!” on seeing me.

DSCN3372 DSCN3371 DSCN3370

Oh, and the study room (the basement) is getting “newed”:

DSCN3369 DSCN3368 DSCN3365


11 05 2009

Hi everyone! This multilingual, multi-authored blog is a part of my summer 2009 Davis Peace Price project. The blog authors are the wonderful kids at an orphanage in a suburb of New Delhi, India, and they will be blogging in English, Hindi, Bengali, and possibly Sanskrit throughout the summer. The site goes active on June 1, 2009.